Seabreeze Homes are a proud supported of the Penarth Operatic & Dramatic Society

A first for P. O. D. S. in it’s 91 year history we have never had a female President and at the A. G. M. on the 16th July Mrs. Mary Gardner was elected as President of the society so becoming a duel first, as the outgoing chairman our first woman chairman, she became the first woman to have held both positions as well.
So congratulations Mary on a double first in our society.

The society is a community based Amateur Operatic & Dramatic Society, located in Penarth. We are made up of adults and children many of which are family members. We perform four main productions annually, two plays from our drama section, a musical and a pantomime from our musical section.

In addition, we have various events, one night productions and fundraisers to be enjoyed by all.

Looking for a new hobby? Do you have an interest in carpentry? Or maybe you are good at D.I.Y. maybe a flair for design, or do you enjoy painting. Click Here.

We would love to see you in ANY capacity, maybe as a performer in our shows, helping out front or backstage, as an audience member, or just as a social member. Just click on this link How Can I Get Involved to find more information. Please browse our website. Look at past productions and of course our upcoming shows. You can also book your tickets via the site. We look forward to seeing you at our shows

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